The web is constantly changing, but these sites have been around a long time. They all worked
when last checked.


Home-Education Magazine
(articles and resources on every homeschool topic)

Jon Shemitz's Homeschool Resources
(everything there is to know about homeschooling)

FUN Books

(a supplier)

School Is Dead, Learn in Freedom

(list of colleges that accept homeschoolers)

Cafi Cohen Interview on Teens and College
(great source for older homeschoolers)

Literature and Language Arts

Consumer Information Catalog

(booklist; go to Children, then Timeless Classics)

Common Errors in English


(remember Mad Libs?)


Key Curriculum Press

Natural Math


Ask Dr. Math


Mad Scientist Network

Bill Beaty's Page (mostly science)

Jan France's Webtopics

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen

History/Social Studies

National Geographic Mag

Atlapedia Online

Ancient/Classical History

(a link farm)

Geography World

CIA World Fact Book