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Donna Goff - Handouts from 2013 Conference
    The Well Furnished Mind
    LDS OHEA Keynote Address 2013
    How to Have a Clean Home School

Dr Reed A Benson, Emeritus Professor BYU Dept of Education
     1981 Doctroral Dissertation by Reed A Benson The Development of A Home School
     1998 Parenthood: A Stewardship in Education   

Dr Larry M Arnoldsen, Emeritus Professor BYU Dept of Education
     To My Fellow Homeschoolers
An open letter of encouragment
The Early Christians and Schooling
     A Heavenly Model
     How Can I Help My Children Develop a Love of Learning?

     Challenging the Unchalleneged: Gifted or Not
     Making Book of Mormon Study Irresistible
LDS Perspectives on Education
Meridian Magazine series on Education by Darla Isaacson )

Cyndy Weiss: An LDS Mother's Perspective
    Veteran Shares Vision Statement

Mark Weiss: An LDS Father's Perspective
Trust The Children Blog

Homeschool Adventure   � by Cherie Logan
    -- a journal of her experiences in home schooling since 1985

Boyd K Packer:
    Teach the Children      Ensign, Feb 2000, from a talk given at BYU Education Week devotional 17 Aug 1999
There are various quotes and talks given by the General Authorities concerning the teaching of our children. This one by Boyd K Packer points out the role of parents as teachers when he said,
"No Teaching is equal, more spiritually rewarding, or more exalting than that of a mother teaching her children." 
     The Light of Christ; What Everyone Called to Preach the Gospel, Teach the Gospel, or Live the Gospel Should Know
     Ensign, Apr 2005, from an address given 22 June 2004 at a seminar for new mission presidents, MTC Provo UT.
He said,
"The more we know about the Light of Christ, the more we will understand about life and the more we will have a deep love for all mankind. We will be better teachers and missionaries and parents, and better men and women and children."

Elder David A Bednar
     Seek Learning by Faith This talk given to CES students in Feburary 2006 paralels Dr Arnoldsen's article above, "A Heavenly Model". Also this link gives you the option to download in MP3 format and listen to his talk, or you can read the text provided.

John Taylor
The Value of Education  Teachings of Prophets, 2004 Study Guide Chapter 10

BYU Dept of Education: Academic Education and the Gospel  
Education for Eternity

OR Homeschool 101   � Prepared by OHEN.
This gives an overview of Homeschooling in Oregon.
Laws, Resources, groups, etc. For first time homeschoolers,
it answers most if not all the questions!

Ann Agent Articles & Books that inspire me to homeschool (<this page is updated frequently!)

Homeschool Havens  � By Timothy Vosika, May 2003

Food Parable  � essay by David Handy

by Kathleen Bahr Assoc. Prof. Home & Family Life, BYU
     Laborer In Zion   � from 2003 LDS-OHEA Conference Teaching Financial Responsibility Workshop
     Family Work  -- BYU Magazine, Spring 2000

Ann Agent From Confererence 2003:
    LStyles_Overview.doc �Learning Styles Overview A review of the various types of Learning Styles
and one section to "assess" children and adult learning styles.
Includes references to where additional information can be found.
LStrengths_MI.doc  Learning Strengths_ Mulitple Inteligences An assessment of the Multiple Intelligences.

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